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Thursday Night Football Schedule

If you have the free time on Thursday and accidentally you are the true fans of NFL, then The “Thursday Night Football” is something you will regret to miss.
Thursday Night FootballThursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football TV Schedule 2017 at a glance:

NFL Thursday Night Football Schedule 2017

** Amazon will stream Thursday night NFL games this year so You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to watch.

*All times Eastern.

Thursday, Sept. 7 (Week 1)
Chiefs at Patriots – 8:30pm, NBC (Tickets)

Thursday, Sept. 14 (Week 2)
Texans at Bengals – 8:25pm, NFLN (Tickets)

Thursday, Sept. 21 (Week 3)
LA Rams at 49ers – 8:25pm, NFLN (Tickets)

Thursday, Sept. 28 (Week 4)
Bears at Packers – 8:25pm, CBS/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Oct. 5 (Week 5)
Patriots at Buccaneers – 8:25pm, CBS/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Oct. 12 (Week 6)
Eagles at Panthers – 8:25pm, CBS/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Oct. 19 (Week 7)
Chiefs at Raiders – 8:25pm, CBS/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Oct. 26 (Week 8)
Dolphins at Ravens – 8:25pm, CBS/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Sunday, Oct. 29 (Week 8)
Vikings at Browns – 9:30am, NFLN (Tickets)

Thursday, Nov. 2 (Week 9)
Bills at Jets – 8:25pm, NFLN (Tickets)

Thursday, Nov. 9 (Week 10)
Seahawks at Cardinals – 8:25pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Nov. 16 (Week 11)
Titans at Steelers – 8:25pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Nov. 23 (Week 12)
NY Giants at Redskins – 8:30pm, NBC (Tickets)

Thursday, Nov. 30 (Week 13)
Redskins at Cowboys – 8:25pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Dec. 7 (Week 14)
Saints at Falcons – 8:25pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Thursday, Dec. 14 (Week 15)
Broncos at Colts – 8:25pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

Saturday, Dec. 16 (Week 15)
Bears at Lions – 4:30pm, NFLN (Tickets)
Chargers at Chiefs – 8:25pm, NFLN (Tickets)

Saturday, Dec. 23 (Week 16)
Colts at Ravens – 4:30pm, NFLN (Tickets)

Monday, Dec. 25 (Week 16)
Steelers at Texans – 4:30pm, NBC/NFLN/Amazon (Tickets)

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The enthusiasm of the Thursday Night football will effectively grow in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

As for your information, the rights of broadcasting is split into 3 comprehensive parties: the NFL, CBS and NBC. Starting the next season, each telecaster will take 5 Thursday prime-time games. Lucky for the CBS users, it will broadcast the first half of the games schedule, followed by the NBC which takes the second part. However, all the Thursday Night Football games will be telecasted on the NFL Network, which will provide the Thursday games for the viewers on Thursday.

If you are interested in streaming the games in Thursday, you may want to catch up with the “TNF”, which will be the partner in streaming.

The CBS will be the first TV which airs the beginning of the season. It has been done for 2 years since 2014. So for those who are up to CBS subscription will have a nice time to watch the first half of Thursday Night Football games.

For those who catch up with NBC, you need to be patient since the games in the final weeks will be broadcasted. And you can expect to start watching with a Thanksgiving night telecast.

Wait for the fall. The network will keep distributing the content to the viewer with probable earlier start. The NFL network will definitely earn the big ratings in the late November and December. The reason is simple. There have always been reasons to gather with family or friends and watch Thursday Night Football game together.

With the commencing of the high quality TV streaming providers on earth, the NFL responds to this chance. In the near future, the streaming rights will be distributed by a digital player. However, there is no official announcement since then. We just need to wait for a little while to get the exact information.

But for those who are used to watch from their living room, you don’t have to worry since the TV networks will be there for you. Stay tuned on the CBS and NBC to catch up with the Thursday Night Football TV Matches. Watching outside the area of service may be a challenge for you. However, you need to follow the Thursday Night Football TV schedule 2017 so that you will not miss anything.

Monday Night Football TV Schedule 2016

This year’s Monday Night Football looks to be yet another great year for ESPN and football fans across America. Week 1 kicks off with a double header as it does each year. The Steelers vs The Redskins looks to be a shootout. Can Kirk Cousins bring in the 2016 season with the same firepower as he ended last season? Big Ben will be back to his usual self, but without star Wide Receiver Martavis Bryant who is serving a yearlong suspension for failed drug tests.
Monday Night FootballThis was the year that Bryant could cement himself as one of the great receivers in the NFL, but he can’t seem to stay out of the trouble. Fantasy Football owners should looks to target Antonio Brown early in their drafts. He will continue to put up ridiculous stats game after game and will give any fantasy team the edge in their weekly match ups. I am looking forward to seeing the return of the LEVeon Bell from his gruesome knee injury. Can the prolific runner return to his pre-injury self? I sure hope he can. For Washington, everything rests on the shoulders of Kirk Cousins. Can he take the momentum he finished with last season and turn it into a season for the record books in Washington?

I believe he has the arm talent, Football IQ, and the supporting cast around him to pull it off. Second year running back Matt Jones should be able to shoulder a full time role in the backfield to take some of the pressure off of Cousins. Jackson and Garcon are returning on the outside to provide viable options for Cousins. This should be a shootout from the kick off and I can’t wait for the opening snap of this one.

Game 2 of the double header features two California teams. The 49ers and the newly returned to California rams. Rookie QB Jared Goff goes against Colin Kaepernick in what looks to be a let down of a game in comparison to the first game of the double header. Rookie Quarterbacks have done well in recent years, but I am just no sold on Goff just yet. He appears to be the product of franchises over valuing quarterbacks in the draft and are often picked well ahead of their actual value. Chip Kelly brings his high paced, but recently inefficient offense up to the Bay Area, but he severely lacks any weapons on offense. The only offensive weapon I see for the 49ers is running back Carlos Hyde, but I just don’t see how he fits Kelly’s offense. The Rams on the other hand have weapons for days on their offense. Todd gurley is a sure fire top running back in this league and for many years to come. The emergence of Tavon Austin Last year is also a welcome addition to this offense in need of an explosive play maker. He never will live up to his draft selection, but he is a player that defenses need to account for at all times. In the end I don’t see too many people on the East Coast staying up late to see the ending of this one. The LA Rams should be able to control the clock with their run game and keep Chip Kelly’s offense under lock to cruise to an Easy Week 1 victory to kick of their tenure in LA.

To catch up with Monday Night Football games, don’t forget to keep following the Monday Night Football TV Schedule 2016.

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Monday Night Football TV Schedule 2016 at a glance:

All games at 8:30pm ET on ESPN except Week 1.

Monday, Sept. 12 (Week 1)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins – 7:10pm ET
Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers – 10:20pm ET

Monday, Sept. 19 (Week 2)
Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Monday, Sept. 26 (Week 3)
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Monday, Oct. 3 (Week 4)
New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

Monday, Oct. 10 (Week 5)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

Monday, Oct. 17 (Week 6)
New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals

Monday, Oct. 24 (Week 7)
Houston Texans at Denver Broncos

Monday, Oct. 31 (Week 8)
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

Monday, Nov. 7 (Week 9)
Buffalo Bills at Seattle Seahawks

Monday, Nov. 14 (Week 10)
Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants

Monday, Nov. 21 (Week 11)
Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

Monday, Nov. 28 (Week 12)
Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, Dec. 5 (Week 13)
Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

Monday, Dec. 12 (Week 14)
Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

Monday, Dec. 19 (Week 15)
Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins

Monday, Dec. 26 (Week 16)
Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday Night Football TV Schedule 2016

The National Football League is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams. It is one of the 4 major professional sports league in North America and it is the highest professional level of American Football in the world.
Sunday Night FootballThe teams were divided equally between the National Football conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Officially the 2016 NFL schedule was announced on Thursday night and the highlight is the best games of this contest will be selected and again telecast as “Sunday Night Football” on NBC. Though there are 16 teams from both the AFC and NFC the following teams are selected for telecast on Sunday Night Football the teams of NFC are Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers.

And the teams of AFC are New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals.

The schedule of Sunday Night Football 2016 was released on April 14, 2016. It is not a surprise that tons of loyal fans of NFL have been awaiting for the next events and interested in looking for the best way to stream their favorite game.

The very first featured game is the rematch of Super Bowl 50 which involves the Broncos and Panthers. *It is of course a record-breaking situation. It is the first time that the Super Bowl members would play against each other in the first week. The last situation happened in 1970.

The full “Sunday Night Football” schedule is on every consecutive Sundays at 8.30 PM, the first contest is on September 11, the New England Patriots team is going to play against the Minnesota Vikings team.

On September 25, the Chicago Bears team is going to play against the Dallas Cowboys team. On October 2, the Kansas City Chiefs team is going to play against Pittsburgh Steelers team. On October 9, the New York giants team is going to play against the Green Bay Packers team. To see more information about the TV Schedule on Sunday Night Football, you can visit CBS Sport official site.

And as happening in the past, the flexible and unpredictable schedule will happen effectively in the week 5. But you may want to check that week 16 is excluded because the generous schedule is being held in the Christmas Eve. You probably want to catch up in the week 17 since it happens on Sunday, January 1, 2017, which makes it as a special day for you and your family or friend.

Sunday Night Football TV Schedule 2016 at a glance:

All games at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC
*Schedule subject to change beginning with Week 9.

Thursday, Sept. 8 (Week 1)
Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Sunday, Sept. 11 (Week 1)
New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, Sept. 18 (Week 2)
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Sunday, Sept. 25 (Week 3)
Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, Oct. 2 (Week 4)
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, Oct. 9 (Week 5)
New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

Sunday, Oct. 16 (Week 6)
Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Sunday, Oct. 23 (Week 7)
Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, Oct. 30 (Week 8)
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, Nov. 6 (Week 9)
Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

Sunday, Nov. 13 (Week 10)
Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots

Sunday, Nov. 20 (Week 11)
Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins

Thursday, Nov. 24 (Week 12)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

Sunday, Nov. 27 (Week 12)
New England Patriots at New York Jets

Sunday, Dec. 4 (Week 13)
Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, Dec. 11 (Week 14)
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

Sunday, Dec. 18 (Week 15)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, Dec. 25 (Week 16)
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs